Platinum Plan

Platinum Plan at BDSD

Business Directory San Diego offers 3 Business Listing Plans for your convenience. At BDSD we realize that it is important for your San Diego Company to create an online presence. This is why BDSD has created 3 Business Listing Plans to accommodate all SEO or Advertising Budgets.

BDSD Business Listing Plans are great for Small Business and are geared to help promoting local business here in San Diego Ca. BDSD offers 3 Business Listing Plans: The Bronze Plan, The Gold Plan and The Platinum Plan. The Platinum Plan is created to take your a local business website to the next level with local directory submissions while increasing your overall website presence utilizing the Google Knowledge Graph guidelines. Business Directory San Diego (BDSD) has a local business directory listing plan to meet all small business budgets here in San Diego Ca. Contact BDSD for more information on Plans and Pricing at BDSD.

Platinum Plan – $99.99 Monthly

  • (1) 800-900 Word Article about the selected Company with 3 Internal Links back to selected Company Website.
  • Article gets Published to BDSD Blog and seen by Thousands of local Companies.
  • 3 Posts per Week to Targeted Social Accounts (Twitter, Facebook,, Tumblr).
  • Each Social Media Post is Targeted for your Company Website.
  • Each Social Media Post contains text and a link back to your Company Website.