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San Diego is one of the largest cities in the US and it is California’s second largest. It is situated on the Pacific coast, one hundred and twenty miles south of LA and just twenty miles north of Baja California. Beaches and the San Diego outdoor lifestyle are one of the biggest draws to this city. Aside from the beaches, however, what else makes living in San Diego so ideal?

If you love going to the beach, the weather is a great part of the San Diego outdoor lifestyle. This city is known for having gorgeous weather throughout the year, with typical temperatures in the 70s. At many times during the year, this means that you will enjoy not only the weather, but also living in San Diego has other great qualities, as well.

There are so many different outdoor environments for you to explore, such as the coast, desert, and mountains. The best part is the fact that they are all located quite close together, so you can visit all of these different places in the span of a day. Anyone that loves the outdoors will be glad to know this. This is even a great way to spend family time without spending the family budget.

Speaking of the family, if you are thinking of moving here, you will be glad to know that this city boasts some of the best schools in the nation. Ashley Falls, Canyon View, and Carmel Valley Elementary schools are just to name a few of the very best. These school are held in high regard for their teaching excellence.

The ambiance of this city is very much like that you will find in LA or in New York City. It has the same hustle and bustle, shopping districts, second-to-none eateries, and great evening hotspots; places that the whole family can visit and hang out.

Overall, living in San Diego is a wonderful way to spend your life. Whether you are single, a couple, or have a large family, this city is beckoning you. With the variety of attractions available, such as major league sports teams, you are sure to find something that will interest you and your family members. Find a great neighborhood, a great school for the kids, and consider making San Diego your home. You will be glad you took the time to explore this possibility.

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