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Do you own or operate a small business in San Diego? What do you do for Advertising and how do you increase your companies website presence? It can be easy to overlook the importance of submitting your listing to a San Diego business directory and all the benefits it brings. Overall this is a bad move for your business and can hold it back from reaching its true potential. Even worse is that your competition who have listed with the directory will be getting a major advantage over you can can begin poaching your customers and clients. This is never a good thing and by the time you feel your revenue shrinking it can already be too late. Let’s go over the benefits of listing your business with Business Directory San Diego. Business Directory San Diego (BDSD) offers a robust “Get Found” Advertising, SEO and Web Design Plan for your small to medium size business. At BDSD we realize that it is important for your San Diego Company to create an online presence. This is why BDSD has created our “Get Found” Plan to accommodate your Marketing or Advertising Budgets.

Exposure = Revenue

Local-listings-exposureFirst lets talk about the “Exposure” your business will receive. The simple honest truth is that the more exposure your business gets the more money you will bring in. Listing with a business directory is just about the most basic way your business can gain exposure and put itself out in front of the various prospects and potential customers you’d want to do businesses with. It will also ensure that you don’t fall behind your competitors who are doubtlessly listing with a local business directories themselves. If they aren’t listing, that is great news for you and your business because you will gain the advantage.

Buying Ad Space

ad-space-business-directory-san-diegoSecond, what about the Advertising Space? Business directories are mostly online these days but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy ad space to really advertise and promote your business. Remember the yellow pages in the phone book? There are just as many opportunities to advertise like that online in a business directory. The best way to go about doing this is to look over a business directory and see what kind of ads they are running. Then you should contact the owners of the directory and talk to them about getting your ad published and how much it will cost. At Business Directory San Diego we are very selective about who we publish ads for and we want to work with local San Diego companies. Advertising is coming soon, to be one of the first advertisers or for more information on advertising with Business Directory San Diego, contact BDSD and speak to an account executive about our advertising prices.

Moving Up the Google Rankings

Google-search-rankingFinally, lets talk about the search engine rankings and increasing conversion with page 1 Google results. Thanks to Google Places or Google My Business being seen in the search engines is even easier than before. But did you know that listing with a local business directory can actually help boost your Google ranking? There are many metrics and variables that help contribute to how you rank in Google as a business but being listed with a directory (or multiple directories) helps to show Google that your business is prominent and worthy of being listed higher up. As everyone knows, the higher up in Google you are, the more search traffic you get and the higher your chances are for quality conversions. For more information on business directory listings, contact Business Directory San Diego and speak with an account executive about what business listings services we have for your company in San Diego Ca.

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Business Directory San Diego "BDSD" will help your local business in San Diego connect to other businesses, vendors, customers and much more via the power of social media and local business directories. Business Directory San Diego is created by locals from San Diego Ca and is ran by locals from San Diego so BDSD knows what it takes to reach your targeted market here in San Diego Ca.

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