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Glazed Images

Welcome to Glazed Images, California’s premium provider of digital imagery on ceramics. Glazed Images will provide our customers with the ability to have any customer’s image placed on any type of ceramic medium. We here at Glazed Images specialize primarily in the memorial cameo industry as well as in the custom ceramic tile industry.

Glazed Images process ensures the best reproduction of our customers’ photos through digital scanning, computer color adjustment, and proprietary high-resolution digital imaging. This unique process creates a ceramic memorial portrait that exceeds the requirements for durability in memorial applications. Ceramic colors fired at very high temperatures in our photo ceramic process endure the extremes of weather and the environment. Colors will not fade and the medallion finish will not deteriorate, thus ensuring the permanence expected in the memorial industry.

We begin with the customer’s image, scan it at a high resolution if needed, digitally clean the image as needed, and correct any color imbalances if any exist. Glazed Images will next work with the customer to determine the thickness of grout lines that will be used to ensure the final image will have a smooth continuous look to it on any of our multiple tile murals.

Please view our wide variety of designs. We can also do custom designs, please contact us for details. Order form is available for download below. You can either mail in the order form or contact us directly by phone at: 949-228-7055

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Phone – 949-228-7055

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