Mahalo Web Design

After sevicing the San Diego area for over a decade, we have now become a Temecula web design company. Having shifted our roots to a new town doesn’t mean we’ve changed our services or clientele. Temecula is located in Southern California and still neighbors San Diego, but we still pride ourselves with being able to seamlessly work with people all across the nation. In fact, most of our clients don’t even live in the same state!

Mahalo Web was started after working in the internet industry for many, many years, and realizing the huge need for affordable and quality web solutions for small businesses. People looking for quality web design work at an affordable rate were generally left with two options:

  • Pay a web designer inflated prices to get the job partially done.
  • Go with a budget designer who resides out of the country, and who uses stolen web templates and sells them as their own.
    Time and time again, we’ve been told by our clients how receptive and timely we are. They’ve asked us for a way to refer their family, friends and co-workers to our services, and thus MahaloWeb was born. We work hard to have repeat clientele and are pleased to be associated with big names such as the San Diego National Kitchen and Bath Association, as well as renowned professionals like Dr. Jason Bradford of Corpus Christi Texas.

We work primarily out of Temecula, CA and have over 14 years of experience working with web design and the internet marketing industry. We are constantly online researching, designing, thinking, and learning new ways to revolutionize our industry. We consider ourselves out-of-the-box thinkers and love to be challenged creatively. We love what we do.

Oh, and we don’t hide behind our monitors or disappear once we deliver a project to you. That’s our promise. If you are considering hiring us as your web design studio, we encourage you to contact us, or get an online web design quote to get started.

Feel free to contact us using the web form below. We look forward to having the opportunity to work for you and will be in contact with you shortly regarding your request.

We’re a small design firm, so we understand small firms with small budgets. Our pricing module is competitive for the industry that we serve. While most designers charge upward of $100/hr for simple web updates, we offer affordable options and the ability to pay us hourly, monthly or yearly.

So how much am I looking to invest?

No project is the same, so it’s hard to give a solid quote without knowing the scope of your needs. With that in mind, we do ask that you fill out our free quote form for a more detailed pricing sheet. Remember, our designs are CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGNS. This means that we don’t use pre-made templates and attempt to recycle it to you. In fact, you should steer clear of any firm that does that.
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You can use the following table as a guideline to what you might pay, if you choose to work with us: