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About BDSD – Business Directory San Diego

Business Directory San Diego “BDSD” will help your local business in San Diego connect to other businesses, vendors, customers and much more via the power of social media and local business directories. Business Directory San Diego is created by locals from San Diego Ca and is ran by locals from San Diego so BDSD knows what it takes to reach your targeted market here in San Diego Ca. For more information on Business Directory San Diego contact info@businessdirectorysandiego.com.

Small-Business-San-DiegoBusiness Directory San Diego understands how important social media is to connect with your customers and how a good or a bad review can influence an online shopper. BDSD Business Directory San Diego was established in 2009 and watched the “Spam” website clean up by Google in the algorithm updates know as “Penguin”, “Panda” and Hummingbird. BDSD has seen the evolution of local SEO and realizes that the best practice of “White Hat” Local SEO is to create a quality website presence. With the rise of the Google Knowledge Graph, BDSD has kept the importance of social media posts and local business directory listings at #1 and now BDSD is passing that knowledge and automation down to local San Diego Businesses in the form of 3 basic plans:”Bronze Plan”, “Gold Plan” and “Platinum Plan”. Please contact BDSD for more information about submitting your local business in San Diego to our business directory listings, or for social media posting and BDSD automated business directory listing service plans.

BDSD Business Listing Plans are great for Small Business and are geared to help promoting local business here in San Diego Ca. BDSD offers 3 Business Listing Plans: The Bronze Plan, The Gold Plan and The Platinum Plan. The Bronze Plan is a $4.99 Monthly Service that helps small business connect on Social Media. The Gold Plan is designed to introduce and begin to establish your local business in the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). The Platinum Plan is created to take your a local business website to the next level with local directory submissions while increasing your overall website presence utilizing the Google Knowledge Graph guidelines. Business Directory San Diego (BDSD) has a local business directory listing plan to meet all small business budgets here in San Diego Ca. Contact BDSD for more information on Plans and Pricing at BDSD.

Striving to becoming a premier online destination for businesses large and small to show case their products or services. We believe our directory shall assist purchasers at all stages of the buying process, weather they just started to research or are ready to make a purchase. Businesses shall have a powerful opportunity to get the right message in front of purchasers at the right time in the buying process.

We are committed to ensuring and providing an exceptional experience for businesses, advertisers and customers on our site.

Businesses the world over need the a sense of community, so come join us, we invite you to be part of our family in the Business Directory San Diego.